About the Project

TROOT brings together exceptional musicians from around the world to perform the intricate art-rock of keyboardist and composer Tim Root. The group first came together in the fall of 2017 with members traveling to Seattle from home-bases in Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Working with the masterful collaboration strategies of co-producer Steve Ball (Tiny Orchestral Moments), the musicians, many of whom had never met, spent a week living, rehearsing and recording together the suite of complex pieces that became their debut album, Constance and the Waiting.

Trained by some of the mavericks of the American avant-garde, and in classical piano via a student of Rachmaninoff, Root combines these influences with his love of complex rock, free improvisation, and minimalism to build a sound that is gut-punching, epic, humbling and expansive.

Constance and the Waiting was written in 2015 & 2016 when the composer was newly arrived in Paris. This catalyst of a move to a new country and immersion in its culture opened a passage that allowed new music to emerge. After three years in Paris, Root has now returned to Seattle and continues to gather Trootians together to perform, develop new work and expand Constance.


TROOT’s music is shaped by its roster of international artist-collaborators, which has varied according to need, and, since 2017, has included:

Tim Root:  Piano and Keyboards
Steve Ball: Guitars
Beth Fleenor: Clarinets and Voice
Bill Horist: Guitars and Prepared Guitar
Julie Slick: Bass
Marco Machera: Bass
Amy Denio: Alto Saxophone, Accordion, and Voice
Alex Anthony Faide: Guitars
Nora Germain: Violin
Alessandro Inolti: Drums
Samantha Boshnack: Trumpet
Alina To: Violin
Tobi Stone: Saxophones