Constance and the Waiting – CD and Digital Album Available Now

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“Amazing, uncompromising music with a distinctive combination of instruments and an expansive artistic vision.
Stunning, easily equal to anything else in the RIO and chamber rock fields.”
– Jon Davis, Expose Online

“One of the most notable progressive creations of the year. Recommended at 200%!”
César Inca Mendoza Loyola
“Exquisitely played…filled with passion, pathos, and drama”
– Steve Conrad, ProgressiveRockFanatics
A “phenomenal 10-piece ensemble. Refreshing and really challenging work. Highly recommended.”
– Igor Gorelyi, R.A.I.G
“An exquisite menu of star chefs-made recipes that whets the appetites of tasters looking for highly complex music as well as pure melodic delicacy”
Marcello Nardi 

Rehearsals at Chez Farhner, Duvall, WA Oct 15 – 18, 2017 | Recorded at Bear Creek Studios, Woodinville, WA Oct. 19 – 21, 2017 | Additional recording at Ballistic Music, Kirkland, WA | Mixed by Jonathan Plum, London Bridge Studios | Mastered by Brian Lucey, Magic Garden Mastering | All composition by Tim Root | Arrangements by TROOT | Produced by Steve Ball and Tim Root | © 2018 Tim Root Music

Special Thanks To

  • Ronni & Richard Goldstein, executive producers
  • Sherry Root & Roger Craig
  • Carrie and Peter Throm
  • Jeanne Parson
  • Carleen Pieper, Patron of the Arts



Mastering Time Support

  • Dave Greig
  • Lucy Smith
  • Tom Palmieri
  • Dariush Shafagh
  • Leigh and Tim Stevens
  • Roger Craig
  • Sherry Root





Art and Design Support


  • Candy Collyer
  • Pat Courtney
  • Kristi Schermerhorn
  • Chris Cowan
  • Maya Goldroot
  • Robin Goldstein
  • Mark of the Flaming Hibachis
  • Nancy and Larry Bennett
  • Mark Hopkins
  • Jay Fluegel



The Most Fashionable Five

  • Kathy Degner
  • Sandra Prow
  • Karl Gruenewald
  • Keith Rozendal
  • Mike McGary






And everyone who pledged to help make this album possible

From all of us at TROOT, Thank You!