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“Amazing, uncompromising music with a distinctive combination of instruments and an expansive artistic vision. Stunning, easily equal to anything else in the RIO and chamber rock fields.”

– Jon Davis, Exposé Online


TROOT brings together exceptional musicians from around the world to perform the intricate art-rock of keyboardist and composer Tim Root. The group first came together in the fall of 2017 with members traveling to Seattle from home-bases in Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Working with the masterful collaboration strategies of co-producer Steve Ball (Tiny Orchestral Moments), the musicians, many of whom had never met, spent a week living, rehearsing and recording together, the suite of complex pieces that became their debut album, Constance and the Waiting.

A “phenomenal 10-piece ensemble. Refreshing and really challenging work. Highly recommended.”

– Igor Gorelyi, R.A.I.G

Led by Tim Root’s impressive piano work, the band gets it beating heart from EchoTest, comprised of Julie Slick (Adrian Belew, Crimson ProjecKt), Marco Machera and Alessandro Inolti. Seattle’s remarkable Avant-guitarist Bill Horist is joined by Argentinian virtuoso Alex Anthony Faide (Electric Gauchos, Los Twang Marvels) and Steve Ball (Tiny Orchestral Moments, League of Crafty Guitarists), with additional instrumental and vocal contributions from such luminaries as Amy Denio (Kulture Shock, The Tiptons), Beth Fleenor (Crystal Beth and the Boom Boom Band), Nora Germain, Sam Boshnack, Paris Hurley, and Tobi Stone.

Constance and the Waiting

The debut album by TROOT, Constance and the Waiting is available as CD/Digital worldwide at http://troot.bandcamp.com.
Three sample clips are included in this EPK:

  1. Venice of the Sky: Venice of the Sky showcases both the excellent ensemble playing and beautiful solo work found throughout the album.
  2. Palasidai: The emotional pinnacle of the album, Palasidai features an other-worldly vocal by Seattle’s Beth Fleenor, using a language of her own invention.
  3. Dance Elena: More wonderful ensemble playing on some very difficult music is combined with Seattle guitarist, Bill Horist’s striking solo over an ethereal middle section.


“A wonderful debut album…You must hear this for yourself. Simply brilliant. I only can reward this with the full five points.”

– Douwe Fledderus – progVisions

“One of the most notable progressive creations of the year. Recommended at 200%!” 

César Inca Mendoza Loyola

“Exquisitely played…filled with passion, pathos, and drama”

– Steve Conrad, ProgressiveRockFanatics




About Tim Root

“What we will be doing may be hard… Allowing the stresses and successes inherent in this environment to rise and fall, both in the people and the music, with compassion and love, is paramount. Ideally, people and music are lifted together. In a pinch: People first, always.”
– Tim Root (Team mail, 2017)

Tim Root is an American Composer, Pianist and Conductor recently returned to Seattle after living in Paris, France, during the production of his debut album Constance and the Waiting.

Trained in composition at UCSD and Mills College by some of the mavericks of the Avant Garde, he also received early piano instruction from a student of Rachmaninoff. These strong influences, together with his love for complex rock, and free improvisation, inform the music of his ensemble TROOT.

He is also known for his work in the theatre as a musical director, conductor, keyboardist and sound designer, and was an original member of San Diego’s notorious Sledgehammer Theatre. He has designed cutting edge productions of works by Beckett, Brecht, Shepard, Heiner Müller, Charles Mee and countless others, and over the course of a 40-year career, has over 3000 productions to his credit.