Great Reviews Abound for Constance and the Waiting

“A wonderful debut album…You must hear this for yourself. Simply brilliant. I only can reward this with the full five points.”

Douwe Fledderus – progVisions

“One of the most notable progressive creations of the year. Recommended at 200%!”

César Inca Mendoza Loyola

“Amazing, uncompromising music with a distinctive combination of instruments and an expansive artistic vision. Stunning, easily equal to anything else in the RIO and chamber rock fields.”

Jon Davis, Expose Online


“Exquisitely played…filled with passion, pathos, and drama”

Steve Conrad, ProgressiveRockFanatics


A “phenomenal 10-piece ensemble. Refreshing and really challenging work. Highly recommended.”

Igor Gorelyi, R.A.I.G


An exquisite menu of star chefs-made recipes that whets the appetites of tasters looking for highly complex music as well as pure melodic delicacy…with an ecstatic driving punch that hints clearly at King Crimson‘s Lark’s Tongues in Aspic” Yummm!

Marcello Nardi