Constance and the Waiting – CD and Digital Album Available Now

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“A wonderful debut album…You must hear this for yourself. Simply brilliant. I only can reward this with the full five points.”


“Amazing, uncompromising music with a distinctive combination of instruments and an expansive artistic vision. Stunning, easily equal to anything else in the RIO and chamber rock fields.”
– Jon Davis, Expose Online

“One of the most notable progressive creations of the year. Recommended at 200%!”

César Inca Mendoza Loyola

“Exquisitely played…filled with passion, pathos, and drama”
– Steve Conrad, ProgressiveRockFanatics

A “phenomenal 10-piece ensemble. Refreshing and really challenging work. Highly recommended.”
– Igor Gorelyi, R.A.I.G

An exquisite menu of star chefs-made recipes that whets the appetites of tasters looking for highly complex music as well as pure melodic delicacy…with an ecstatic driving punch that hints clearly at King Crimson‘s Lark’s Tongues in Aspic” Yummm!
– Marcello Nardi

About the Project

The dynamic 10-piece ensemble known as TROOT, brings together exceptional musicians from around the world to record the intricate Chamber-Prog of composer Tim Root. This is a true super-group of talent bringing together Julie Slick & Alessandro Inolti (Adrian Belew Power Trio, Echo Test), Marco Machera (Echo Test), Steve Ball (Tiny Orchestral Moments, Electric Gauchos), Beth Fleenor (Crystal Beth and the Boom Boom Band), Amy Denio (Kulture Shock, The Tiptons), Nora Germain, Alex Anthony Faide (Electric Gauchos, Los Twang Marvels) , Bill Horist along with Tim Root on Piano.

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Constance and the Waiting – Available Now!


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Thank You!

We’re completely humbled by the incredible support we have recieved for this project. You guys rock! Now, we’re on to release, and shipping out all of the cool swag and signed CDs that you all ordered. Happy Happy TROOT! Stay Tuned! […]

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Behind the (Impossible) Music – Episode 2 on YouTube

Episode 2 (Meet the Trootians, Part I) is a brief introduction to Marco Machera, Alessandro Inolti, and Julie Slick of the TROOT band. You will meet Julie, Marco and Ale backstage at Seattle's Substation just before their February 2018 "Echotest" show, describing their involvement in the TROOT project.

Behind the (Impossible) Music – Episode 1 on YouTube

This week, we’re beginning to share more behind the scenes context about the TROOT band and project. We begin with a series called “Behind the (Impossible) Music” designed to bring you into a closer relationship with the people and process behind this unlikely and incredible project. […]

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PledgeMusic Campaign Video

Thank you to everyone who joined us on PledgeMusic and became part of the story of this music! Our supporters will be the first to hear the record in it's finished form, and along the way they received special supporter-only updaters and sneak-peeks. Most importantly though, they helped make this record a reality. We couldn't have done it without each one of our supporters. Here's the video we used to launch the campaign! Thanks!


Produced by Steve Ball & Tim Root

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