About the Project

TROOT brings together exceptional musicians from around the world to perform the intricate art-rock of keyboardist and composer Tim Root. The music combines Root's training in the classical avant-garde and piano studies with a student of Rachmaninoff with his love of complex rock, free improvisation, and minimalism to build a sound that is gut-punching, epic, humbling and expansive.

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Where Are We and What’s Next for TROOT?

October 15, 2019 Chez TROOT We are right here: In that small space; that moment of anticipation where we all breathe together before we head out into whatever comes next. Two years ago on this day, a group of Trootians gathered to begin breathing life into the music that would become “Constance and the Waiting. […]

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TROOT Live: Gallery

Seaprog 2019:  TROOT’s performance was one for the ages and we have the shots to prove it. Take a look at these 2 great galleries. Gallery 1, all images copyright Danette Davis   Gallery 2, all images copyright Michelle Smith-Lewis […]

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Great Reviews Abound for Constance and the Waiting

“A wonderful debut album…You must hear this for yourself. Simply brilliant. I only can reward this with the full five points.” Douwe Fledderus – progVisions “One of the most notable progressive creations of the year. Recommended at 200%!” César Inca Mendoza Loyola “Amazing, uncompromising music with a distinctive combination of instruments and an expansive artistic vision. […]

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TROOT's music is shaped by its roster of international artist-collaborators, which has varied according to need, and has included:
  • Tim Root Piano and Keyboards
  • Beth Fleenor Clarinets and Voice
  • Julie Slick Bass
  • Amy Denio Saxophone, Accordion, and Voice
  • Alessandro Inolti Drums
  • Samantha Boshnack Trumpet
  • Tobi Stone Saxophones
  • Steve Ball Guitars
  • Bill Horist Guitars and Prepared Guitar
  • Marco Machera Bass
  • Alex Anthony Faide Guitars
  • Nora Germain Violin
  • Alina To Violin
  • Stacii and Morton Steamy Potatoes
Produced by Steve Ball & Tim Root

Track Listing